About Us
With the innovation of "Slush Molding" technology, Horsing is established in 1990 in Taichung, the Shoe City of Taiwan, manufacturing snow and jockey boots. The major market is in Japan. Since then, innovative, unique and high-quality products have been the spirit of the company culture even today.

In order to reduce production cost and raise capacity, in 1997 Horsing decided to move all the equipments to one of the shareholders, Mr. Lin's shoe production base in Vietnamn the Tri-Vict Co., Ltd. Today Tri-Vict is one of the major vendors of canvas, safety, and working shoes to brands like Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, Camel Actives, Sioux, Hi-Tec, Magnum and many more.

By the change, a brand-new Horsing is formed. The people stayed in Taiwan Horsing started to develop and research the latest materials and accessories for footwear industry-mainly the molded micro-injection labels. Since then, Horsing has its own in-house graphic center and CNC molding system that ensure its competitive advantage of timely and precisely sampling and production turn-around ability. By our excellent R&D ability and quality control system, Horsing has become an approved supplier for both Nike and Adidas footwear group-- adidas-Salomon Vendor ID: # 00246A; Nike Vendor ID: # 2680.

In 1999, while Nike requested the 100% prohibition of using PVC material, it leads Horsing Co., to its new generation of silicone and PU material applications. Till today, we have more than 8 years of experience in silicone gel applications including molded label, gel printed logo, heat transfer label, decoration, anti-slip and cushion, etc. Horsing is the leading company in Taiwan specialized in producing and developing diverse soft silicone gel products.
Horsing also owns 51% share of two additional companies in Taiwan. One specialized in silicone gel screen printing and silicone heat transfer and the other in Silicone coating and reflective kiss-cut business. Our share holders also own an embroidery factory in Taiwan. Horsing also has an associated production base in Dong-Guan, China, making micro-injection labels & silicone gel screen printing.

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CNC engraving system. Sonic and high-frequency welding machines. Semi-automatic screen printing machines. Continuous screen print machine up to 3 colors. Continuous silicone gel coating machines. Kiss-cut machine for reflective film and fabric material. Heat transfer machines. Computerized embroidery machines.
CNC engraving system. Sonic and high-frequency welding. Micro-injection machines. Semi-automatic screen printing machines. Heat transfer machines.

Heat Transfer Label:
.Multicolor & stretchable ink:
.Silicone Gel (up-raised)
.Kiss-cut technique: reflective, foil, fabric.

Printed Label:
.Ink (flat)
.Gel (up-raised)-label & sheet

Micro-injection Labels (PVC/ Silicone):
.Badge, zipper pull, hangtag, cord, bracelet, key chain¡K.

Tape Print:
.Ink (flat)
.Gel (up-raised)

Silicone gel coating:

High-frequency embossing:

Embroidery: Wrist and Head Band: